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Things can get tight money wise if you have a husband in real estate full time and are just starting a new business yourself…so one of the things I have been thinking about from my past is the “Personal Power” seminar that I went to back in 1987 with Tony Robbins.  One of the things I learned (right before I walked across 15 feet of red-hot coals) was to do a process he called “anchoring”.  He had us remember a time that we felt very elated about something.  He directed us into getting back into the same “state” of mind to the point of actually being able to feel the thrill.  He then instructed us to do something physical like squeeze our thumb.  Then he had us think of something else entirely.  Then he directed us to get back in that “state” of elation again and squeeze our thumb.  He had us go back and forth several times so that the “anchor” would “stick” in our mind.  The theory was that if we did this enough, in the future when something was getting us down…we could just squeeze our thumb and be propelled into that same elated “state of mind”.  Try it yourself and let me know if it helped you…and have a wonderful day.  Sharon


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