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I admit that my first impression of blogging was that it would be a fun thing to do and who knows, maybe even profitable somewhere down the road.  So, typical of me, I jumped right in, joined a Blog Master Mind group and ran off into the blogging sunset.


It was addicting!  I loved it!!! It felt like I had a captive audience that would listen to my story.  I wrote about the things that had been meaningful in my life, the trials and tribulations of a 19 year old mother of two little boys.


I wrote about the honor of being with my sister when she died, then my dad, then my mom.  I wrote about my desire to coach people with the commitments they would make to move them into their vision.


I wrote about how I got rid of my ants.  I wrote about what was in my heart.


Then something happened.  I’m still not sure what it was but for some reason I stopped writing.  I think I scared myself.  I think I was going down a road of self revelation that I wasn’t quite ready for.


So I have some advice for you if you are someone that is considering taking up blogging.  Before you spend any money, go to http://www.entrepreneurs-journey.com/, download and read Yaro’s Blog Profits Blueprint book from cover to cover.  Then open up your “Pages” if you have a Mac or MS Word if you are a PC user and start writing posts.  See how often each week you can write about the subject you would like to blog about.


If you find that it is easy to write 600 to 1500 words four or five times a week, then you may be a blogger.  If that is the case, proceed to Gideon Shalwick’s “www.becomeablogger.com and watch his 10 video tutorials.  He will show you exactly what you need to do to set up your WordPress.org blog site.


Here’s an issue though.  If like me, you have already created a blog site with WordPress.com, the video tutorials will come to a point that they differ with what you see on the screen because Gideon is showing you how to do it on WordPress.org.  WordPress.org is for people that want to manage, control, change and maintain their own site.  If you feel comfortable with this, great.  If not, you need Joel “The Blog Tech Guy”.  Joel is fast and reasonably priced for his technical support.  If you want to “do it all by yourself” and if you have the technical know-how to accomplish it quickly, go for it.  But if you are better at writing than doing the nit-pickey technical things, get Joel’s help.  He will take care of it for you for a small fee and you can keep doing what you are best at which is writing.


When you are certain that you are a blogger, and you are set to move forward, get in touch with Yaro and let him lead you through the in’s and out’s of blogging through his “Blog Master Mind” course.


My experience of these three men is that they are first of all, men of integrity.  They are honest and they will do every thing in their power to make sure that you have all the tools you need to launch yourself into greatness.


I am still finding my way through the forest and I really don’t know where it’s all going to take me but I do know that this particular road has three guiding lights and if you follow their light…you will be safe.


Thanks for listening.




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The “Best Human Being”




What would it look like if I always acted like “The Best Human Being”?  What would my day look like?  Would I get up at 5:00 am every morning and spend an hour doing meditation and Spiritual work?  Would I then do physical exercise to stay in shape? Would I do Yoga?  Qigong? Would I be showered, fed and dressed for the day by 8:00?

Would I then start on tasks that I had planned the night before?  Would I do all of the most important and most difficult items first?  Would I have everything done by 2:00 PM so that I would be free to create and implement new ideas for the remainder of the day?


Would I drink lots of water every day and eat only the best foods in small quantities?  Would I stay mindful of all my potential at each moment of the day?  Would I do some sort of volunteer work every week?  What kind of person would I be if I really lived my life in accordance with my belief system?


Would I spend time each day visualizing the outcomes I want to have in each area of my life?  Would I do such a good job creating the feeeeeling of joythat I actually convince myself that it’s real?


What will it take for me to make all of this happen in my life on a daily basis?  What do I need to do to get back into the habit of doing the best I can to keep my eye on the goal?


And most of all…why do I ask when I know the answer!


So today I am going to coach myself.  I’m telling myself right now to get myself an “Accountability Partner”.  Someone that is ready to “GO FOR IT”.  Someone that is ready to make commitments and be held accountable.  Someone that is willing to give themselves consequences if the commitments are not kept.


Do you know what that would look like for you?  I will give you the formula as I see it for myself:  


1.  Find someone that is first of all, willing to go for it at the same level as you are.  

2.  Then make three or four commitments that you agree to keep and let nothing       stand in your way.  

3.  Give yourself a consequence if you don’t keep your word.  I remember when I was addicted to Ally McBeal.  One of the       most dire consequences I could give myself was to say:  “If I don’t keep my agreement, I won’t let myself watch a new         episode of Ally McBeal”.

4.  Make your commitments specific, measurable and time specific, such as from week to week.

5.  Start the commitment with “I will…”

6.  Be willing to hold your partner accountable and expect to be held accountable.

7.  Do it without judgement.

8.  Do it without fail

9.  When you fail…forgive yourself immediately and go for it again

10. Remember to say “Thank You” to yourself and others all day long.


Now let’s see if I do it.


Thanks for listening,


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