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Hi Everyone,


I am about to go into my Blog Mastermind Coaching classes and thought that I should tell you a little about myself and how I came to be a “Commitment Junkie”.  My blog guru says to write “pillars” about things you are passionate about and the linking word in all of my image pieces is “Commitment’ so I thought I would tell you my “Commitment Story”.


In a past post, I spoke about my friend Kathy that has built a school and also a medical center in Afghanistan and she is the one that taught me about Commitment.  Here is an unpublished article I wrote about the experience:


“In 1987, following the advice of my office manager, I enrolled in a training being taught by Kathy Ollerton.  My life was altered by a challenge that she made to me while I was in that training.  She had been telling us, “When one is truly committed, providence moves to aid in that commitment” which was a quote from W.H. Murray, the Scottish mountain climber. 


I had an ex-daughter in law that had moved away with our precious granddaughter and wouldn’t let anyone in our family see her.  This had been going on for two years.  I had become so shut down about the subject that I didn’t even realize it was getting in my way. 


Kathy’s main gift is to be able to help people see what’s inside that is hidden.  She believes that she only “holds the flashlight” while walking with people through their past, and that they are the ones who see the truth that has been hidden from their conscious mind. 


When she asked me if I was willing to make a commitment to see that child and not let anything get in the way, my mind wanted to believe that all I would have to do would be to make the 4 hour drive up to Chico and knock on the door.  A feeling of great power came over me.  I knew that I was ready for it.  I was willing and able to do it.  I would stand on that porch all night if need be to see that child.  I said “Yes!”


 I was in a group of about 100 people at the time and I was standing up with a feeling of great support all around me.  Nothing was going to stand in my way.  Kathy said, “I want you to be very clear about this.  You are going to come back next week and tell all of us about seeing that child.”  I said yes and meant it with all my heart.  What I didn’t know, was at the moment I spoke those words, my granddaughter was living in North Carolina.  I made this commitment to her, the group and myself on a Wednesday afternoon. 


On Friday of that week, I went to my ex-daughter-in-laws parents’ house to ask them to call their daughter in Chico and let her know that I was on my way and to please let me see the child.  I had only met them once years before but I knew they were good people and I hoped they would help me.  I rang the bell and a girl of about 8 answered the door.  I asked to speak to the lady of the house and the girl went and got her. 


When my daughter-in-law’s mother came to the door with the little girl at her side, I told her my mission and begged her to help me be able to see my granddaughter.  She hesitated and then said, “Well…here she is”, indicating the girl standing right next to her.  She had been six when I had last seen her and now at eight, she looked so different that I hadn’t recognized her.  It was a miracle. 


As I had spoken the committed words two days prior, life was yanking that child back to California through a court order that was unrelated to our family, but I knew that it was really the providence that was promised to me through the commitment process. 


I will always believe that is what really happened to bring Brooke back into our lives.  She is a beautiful 29-year-old now and has been back in our lives so long that the two-year absence is just a small pain in my memory with a joyful outcome.


Do you remember that old commercial song “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony”?  What I’d like to give the world is a training with Kathy Ollerton.  I believe it would go a long way to help bring about world peace.”


And the quote which is my favorite of all quotes is this:



‘’…Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness.  Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves, too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamt would have come his way.’’


Have a wonderful day,  Sharon


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If you are a Buddhist…just pass over this post because the ants do die and gosh, I feel bad about that but I just can’t stand to have ants crawling all over my kitchen and in my bath and in my bed.

Shortly after I moved into my house, a whole colony of ants moved in also.  I hired a “Pest Controller” to come out and spray and that did decrease them but not completely and they came back after a few months.  Nothing worked completely.  I tried the little stakes in the ground, I tried the little “ant hotels”, I tried everything.

Then one day as I was in the “pest” section of Ace Hardware, an elderly gentleman asked me if he could help and I told him about my problem.  He directed me to a product in a white plastic carton by the name of “Grants Kills Ants”.  He said “Here’s what you do.  Get a white piece of paper…such as you have in your computer printer…put some of this product (it’s in granulated form) on the paper…then go into the kitchen and sweep some of the ants onto the paper as these ants are “scouts” for the hive…then take the paper outside and place it near the foundation of the house.”  He said “Then take the rest of the bottle and sprinkle it all around the perimeter of the house and in about two weeks they will be gone”. 

Well I followed his advice and I’m telling you, I haven’t seen hide nor hair of an ant since.  It really worked for me and I bet it will for you too.  I do sort of feel sorry for the ants though.


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So I’m going along studying my blogging homework and it says not to bounce all over the place and I’m thinking “But I want to share my vegan recipe and also tell everyone how I got rid of my ants”…and if that isn’t bouncing around, what is?

O well, until I become a professional blogger instead of a student, just let me bounce a bit since I wont be able to do it later on when I become a “pro”.

So here’s the new vegan dish.  It is stuffed Paprika.  Let me see if I can put it in recipe form:

Ingredients:  Quinoa, red onions, Morningstar “Crumbles”, Tomato Basil sauce and of course Paprika.  If you can’t get Hungarian Paprika, you can use any kind of pepper that is sweet such as red or yellow, you know those fancy looking colored ones.

I just realized that the reason it is so good is because I used my secret sauce on the onions as I was sauteing them.  Now I’m going to have to give you the recipe for the secret sauce too. The “Secret Sauce” comes from a restaurant in Mountain View, CA.  We ate there shortly after I became a Vegan and I ordered steamed veggies (sort of feeling sorry for myself because everyone else was having my favorite non-Vegan food) and they came with this sauce that I went nuts over.  I convinced them to give me the recipe and I will share it with you.  It is cut in half and then in half again and still makes over two cups that will last you a long time because it is so rich and sweet that you only need just a very small amount on anything.

Secret Sauce:  Ingredients: 1/2 cup water, 2 cups sugar (Yikes), 1/2 cup fresh ginger, 1 1/4 cups soy sauce and 1/2 cup of rice vinegar.  Here’s what you do.  You put the sugar in a sauce pan and start cooking it.  I had never done this and was amazed as it started melting into a brown syrup.  You stir it until it is completely melted, then you add everything else.  I have only made it once and when I added the rest of the ingredients to the melted sugar, it crystallized immediately and I decided that the next time I made it, I would heat the water, fresh ginger, sou sauce and rice vinegar before adding it to the melted sugar so that I wouldn’t have to melt it all over again.  Anyway when it is all added together, it is an amazing sauce that you can drizzle over steamed veggies and add to things like the onion you are going to caramelize for the stuffed peppers.

So getting back to the peppers, as you are sauteing the onions in a bit of olive oil, drizzle a small amount of the Secret Sauce over them and then when they are completely cooked, add the Quinoa, the Crumbles and some of the tomato basil sauce and then stuff it into the peppers that have been prepared by cutting a bit of the top off and removing the seeds.  After you get the peppers stuffed, lay them on a cookie sheet that is lined with foil (for easy cleaning afterwards) and pour the rest of the tomato basil sauce over them.  Cook them in a 350 degree oven for about an hour and twenty minutes or until the peppers are done and YUM.  I let them cool and put them two to a package into the freezer for easy meals later.

In my next article, I will tell you how I got rid of my ants.  Sharon

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Yikes…it’s been since Wednesday since I wrote that I would let you know the name of the blog wizard I had heard about.  Well his name is Yaro Starak and his website is “blogmastermind.com” but I think he has more than one. 

I have been following his free information but I am definitely going to sign up for his “blog coaching”.  I feel I am being inner directed to really get into this thing.

One of the things he recommended was to have three different blogs about things you are passionate about and then see which one draws the most “traffic” and focus on that one.  So my other passions aside from helping people move towards their vision via “Commitment” is finding tasty Vegan dishes and gardening.

So, even though there is nothing there yet, soon you will be able to go to “veganyjoy.com” and come along for the “vegan ride” to great flavors and also be able to visit beautiful gardens (starting with my own) and get tips from Master Gardeners that I plan on visiting.

Since I have purchased a MacBook and also the “One on One” training, I am going to get a digital cam corder and there will be videos on my gardening blog.  It will be at “commitmenttogardening.com”.  My next session at the Apple Store is going to be on how to set up a website and specifically how to add video to it.

The other thing I am passionate about is helping my friend Kathy raise enough money to pay back the person that loaned us the money to include an Ultrasound machine (I think it may be the only one in all of Afghanistan) in the shipment of medical equipment that will be leaving Salt Lake City, UT this coming week, headed for Afghanistan.  She has built a school that has been in operation for the last two years and now the medical center that she built is finished and ready to receive the equipment she is responsible for getting.  The next item on the agenda is to equip the school with everythign that our kids have here at school, i.e. desks and school supplies, then it will be on to the Orphanage that she wants to build.

I have heard it said that we are all only 7 degrees away from meeting anyone we want to meet so I’m asking, “Anyone know Charlie Wilson?”  If you saw the movie “Charlie Wilson’s War”, you know that there was a quote of his at the end that said “All of these things happened and they were glorious…but we f–ked up the end game”.  He said that because after he was instrumental in helping the Afghani’s get rid of the Russians, he wanted our government to build schools so that the children could grow up knowing how America helped rid them of oppression, but alas, our government stopped short which led to the Taliban getting a foot hold in that country.

So my idea is to find Charlie Wilson and get his permission to use his name to raise funds for the school supplies and also to build the Orphanage.  Let me know if you can help.

So, tomorrow I will tell you about the incredable Vegan dish I have made up that is so good, a meat eater we had to dinner at our house last night, said “Get this away from me before I eat it all”.  It is something as simple as stuffed peppers but O my…is it just the tastiest thing.

Later Ya’ll…love you out there in cyberspace.


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Hi again,

I have been struggling a bit with my blog and wondering what is O.K. to say on it and what’s not.  What is a blog for anyway?  I don’t really know the answer to that question but I’m hot on the trail.

Yesterday a friend sent me a link to some videos that explain what “A Course In Miracles” is all about.  I first heard about ACIM when I was taking a class that would certify me to work with people that had life threatening illness’s.  It was called “Attitudinal Healing” and it was run by Dr. Jerry Jampolski.  In the 70’s and 80’s he had done a lot of work with children that had cancer and he appeared with some of these kids on the old Phil Donahue show. 

Anyway, he was a student of ACIM and I loved one of the posters on the wall that said “I am here only to be truly helpful…”.  I just loved that statement because it was my motto.  That work led me to go through another course about 6 years later called “Compassion In Action”.  That group worked with people that were dying alone and it was started by Dannion Brinkley.  Try Googling him and you can read about his amazing life.  In a nutshell, he was a very bad guy (his assessment of himself) working as a CIA operative, when he was hit by a lightening bolt through his phone that caused him to “die” for about 26 minutes.  The paramedic’s were able to bring him back but he was in the hospital for about 6 months before being able to walk and live on his own again.  While he was “out of the body” he says he met Spiritual Beings that counselled him.  He says he learned that the fastest way to grow Spiritually is to work with people who are dying.  He became and still is the leading recruiter for “Hospice”.  He has been doing this work now for over 30 years and has been instrumental in helping thousands of dying people leave in peace.

Hollywood made a movie out of his experience and Julia Robert’s brother played the lead (can’t remember his name), but anyway as I was going through this class I saw an interview conducted by a wonderful woman and yesterday as I was looking at the short clips on A Course In Miracles, this woman showed up again.  So with the wonderful help of Google, I found her and guess what?  She has just started blogging in the last year also.  She recommended a great guy in Australia for anyone that really wants to learn how to blogg and have it help you with your chosen path in life.

So I signed up for his news letter and I will keep you informed as to how it is helping me…in case you want to know how to blog better yourself.

Have a great day and I hope you get what you want today.


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In my world, commitment has always been a noble thing.  I have just come across a new phrase. It is “Premature Cognitive Commitment” and it has given me something to think about.

Premature Cognitive Commitment is when you leap to a conclusion (premature) before you have the necessary information (cognitive) to make the best decision (commitment). 

Albert Einstein says “Common sense is a collection of prejudices acquired by the age of 18”.  I found this on the Internet at this website… www.selfinvestment.com.  Don’t you just love the Internet?

Have a great day.  Sharon

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The admission

When I last wrote to you out there (or more honestly…to myself in here) I was trying to stare down my ego and declare that it wasn’t going to get the better of me.  Well since then, about 36 hours ago, if it hasn’t gotten the better of me, it has been at least holding it’s own.

I like to think of myself as a positive person, one who can see the gift in every adverse situation.   The truth is that I am just like everyone else that gets caught up in fear.  I have felt myself being assailed by “the dark night of the soul” and barely able to stay on a level keel. 

Today the dense feeling of gloom has started to lift.  I feel like a balloon that has been held under water unsuccessfully and is rising to the top for air.  What has helped this morning is for my sweet Hungarian husband to cheerfully hug me and put on Coldplay’s “Fix You” as he was leaving to buy Paprika at the Farmers Market.

It helped in the “fixing” of me today.  To remember what is important in life and to hold that vision through the storm that fear can swirl around my mind, is the challenge for me today and every day.  It helps to have a sweet “Hunky Hungarian” as I like to call him.  Someone to love me no matter what and to be cheerful in all situations.  What a blessing I have in him.  I hope you have someone sweet too.


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